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Life Long Pedagogues


  • Promote, support and ensure the provision of quality guidance, counseling including psycho-social services in the entire Education Sector.
  • Initiate and coordinate the provision of Guidance and Counselling in schools/institutions


  • Carry out advocacy, sensitization and information dissemination programmes to raise awareness of the needs and magnitude of issues regarding Educational and Career Guidance Services and Counseling/Psycho-social services in educational institutions.
  • Ensure training and retraining/refresher Programmes for teachers and other stakeholders in both government and private educational institutions to develop their capacity to ensure that G&C is effectively provided in educational institutions.
  • Advise on and ensure provision of appropriate materials in respect to G&C service provision.
  • Initiate and conduct workshops, seminars for in-service teachers/tutors and other practicing personnel.
  • Guide and support any initiative for promoting G&C services.

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